You should probably get that checked out…

Hooks for Hands: This song somehow reminded me of a time when we were staying in Sydney’s finest backpackers - The Billabong Gardens. Its one of those places you stay when you first start out and everyone is literally crammed in on bunk beds in the same room. One night we’d been out to our favourite Italian restaurant (We always sat at the same table and ordered the same dish) and after a few drinks we all walked back to Billabong.

Somehow on the way back, after a slight detour through a local playground, I noticed something was not right inside my left shoe. Once we were back I took off the shoe only to notice that my middle toe was overlapped on top of my foot and kinda facing an odd direction. We couldn’t work out if it was broken or dislocated so we decided to visit Steph (Manager) who was staying with a friend across the road. As we’re showing Steph and her friends the damage, all of a sudden one bystander starts carrying on. “You need to get that checked out straight away!” he said firmly. We all looked at each other puzzled as he repeated “You need to go to the hospital now!” We all started giving him odd looks, before he finally said “That happened to me a couple of years back and look at me now!” He lifted his trousers only to reveal he has two prosthetic legs. For a few moments we all thought  he was serious, but then broke out in a cheeky smile and chuckle. The guys erupted into laughter, while I was still kinda freaked out I was gonna get my leg chopped off all because of a dislocated toe. It was a good trick. We ended up calling a friend who was a medical student. We were told to simply yank it back into place. Jamie did the honours i was left with a very black toe (this may be on youtube somewhere). So for the rest of the trip this is a hot topic and forms part of our peripheral thought.

All of a sudden we start to notice many colourful and interesting characters walking around Newtown. Maybe Hooks for Hands spawned from this early trip to sydney? I don’t really know, but somehow the song slightly reminds me of this story. 


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